Camping Located in a vast estate, you will enjoy nature in the heart of El Chalten.
There are some native trees a few meters off the de las Vueltas River, where you can put up your tent, and stockades where you will find fireplaces and / or chulengos, and space for trailers and tents.


We have a room filled with tables and chairs, grills, chulengos, hearths and electricity outlets.
        Reception and multipurpose room.
        Semi-covered shelter.
        Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Restrooms.
        Showers with hot water 24 hours.
        Semi-covered sinks for washing dishes and clothes.
        We also provide cloakroom and tent rental (for emergencies).

Rates: Ask for.

Our town is located within one of the most beautiful places in Patagonia, it tends to have cold weather even in the summer and it is characterized as a place of strong winds and rain, so we recommend that, when preparing your camping equipment,you remember camping tents as well as sleeping bags and personal equipment should be appropriate.

El Chaltén - Santa Cruz - Argentina
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