Estancia In addition to horseback riding and hiking, we offer our visitors the possibility of participating in rural activities such as herding sheep, confining them in the corrals, working with horses, learning about the importance of dogs in farm work, sheep shearing and having mate with fried cakes and even a delicious creole asado. All these activities are led or performed by members of our family.
We also offer the possibility of spending the night, enjoying the sounds of nature and the silence of the countryside, an unforgettable experience.

First Settlers

By mid-1983 Telesforo Eliseo (Pirulo) Gomez, Maria Alicia, Lita, Marin and his son Walter Paul Gomez began an adventure in search of land to develop their life projects.
They arrived at the confluence of the de las Vueltas and Fitz Roy rivers, where the route ended and unloaded 30 cows and 6 horses; from there they had to wade through the Fitz Roy river and the de Las Vueltas river in three separate places, and finally cross the Forest river. These crossings would become, in the years ahead, one of the biggest challenges, given the growing characteristic of the mountain rivers.
Pirulo and Lita set up the first camp, located near the present Bonanza ranch. During the first three years, they lived in precarious wooden huts, as it was extremely difficult to access the site and carry even more materials. They were finally able to build a small wooden house.
There were many obstacles to overcome but they had the pioneering spirit and deep affection for a land that though sometimes bleak and brave could also be beautiful and majestic.
They devoted years to raising cattle, a small flock of sheep and selling firewood.
They built paddocks, fences and corrals, roads, bridges, every corner of this place has a story, a reminder of the effort and tenacity to build a dream that was slowly transformed into what is now known as "Bonanza Ranch".
They were characterized by a spirit of solidarity, opening their hearts and offering assistance to those who, like us, arrived later also with dreams and hope to inhabit the youngest town in the province, El Chalten.
In 2003 while on a trip to stock up provisions, Pirulo and Lita were killed in a tragic accident. Their remains rest today in this place that was so precious to them.
Walter Gomez (Pirulín), son of Pirulo and Lita, continued with the activities of the ranch.
In 2008, he delegated to me the work of the cattle and today we have decided to open the doors of the establishment for rural tourism, maintaining rural activities in tribute to its founders, Pirulo and Lita, two very important people in our family.

El Chaltén - Santa Cruz - Argentina
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