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Fitz Roy y Cº Torre We are a family made up of 6 members: Gerardo and Rossana, the parents, Rocio, Macarena, Emiliano and Pilar, our children.
In 1988, we were lucky to get to El Chalten, and be among the first settlers of this beautiful place. Soon after settling, we gave our first steps in the tourism activity, organizing horse riding trips and transporting goods for expeditions attempting to climb the towering hills that surround us. Over the years we opened the El Relincho camping site, to which, year after year, we have added improvements for the comfort of our guests. Then we added three cabins equipped with warmth and comfort hoping that your stay at our resort will be pleasant and memorable.

Where to sleep

We offer Cabins and Camping
El Relincho offers the convenience and comfort of its cabins.
The cabins are conveniently located over a large site close to the camping facilities which include playground, grills, multipurpose room and breakfast area.
They are fully equipped to accommodate 4 to 6 people and include 2 bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.

Our camping Located in a vast estate, you will enjoy nature in the heart of El Chalten.
There are some native trees a few meters off the de las Vueltas River, where you can put up your tent, and stockades where you will find fireplaces and / or chulengos, and space for trailers and tents.


In the ranch
Esquila In addition to horseback riding and hiking, we offer our visitors the possibility of participating in rural activities such as herding sheep, confining them in the corrals, working with horses, learning about the importance of dogs in farm work, sheep shearing and having mate with fried cakes and even a delicious creole asado. All these activities are led or performed by members of our family.
We also offer the possibility of spending the night, enjoying the sounds of nature and the silence of the countryside, an unforgettable experience.

Viedma Glacier

Climatic Change

Composite of two pictures released on March 10, 2008 by the environmental activist group Greenpeace showing the Viedma glacier back in 1930 (top) and just recently. The glacier is situated in the South Patagonian Icefield, which sits along the Andes Mountains in the Chilean-Argentine border in southern South America. According to Greenpeace, the Viedma glacier could completely disappear in few decades due to global warming.

Horseback Riding

Duration: 4 hours approx.
Departure: twice daily, 09:00 and 14:00 Hs.
To Vizcacha Hill
Only for experienced riders.
Departure: 9:00 from El Chalten, in company vehicle
Ask us, surely we can offer your dream trip.

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